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In recent years, concrete floors have become very popular in Illinois. Many new restaurants, businesses and homes feature beautiful concrete flooring. Color and design options are nearly limitless when it comes to interior concrete.

Illinois Interior Concrete Floor Projects:

Illinois business owners and homeowners alike have turned to concrete as their flooring of choice for a number of reasons. First is that it is so customizable, a concrete floor can be colored virtually any shade and custom designed patterns are common. Second is that concrete floors are easy to maintain and clean, just a quick mopping will do the job. Next is that concrete is an allergen free flooring option, unlike carpet and other traditional materials. Finally, concrete is favored because of its eco-friendly qualities. Those who are looking to go green are turning to concrete floors without sacrificing decorative appeal.

To find out more reasons why concrete interior floors are so popular, along with design ideas, and maintenance information, visit the interior concrete floor section of The Concrete Network.

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